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What is SERVER? What are the types?


Server is the general name given to computer units that run some services (FTP, e-mail, website) or open resources that users can access, use and share in computer networks.

Servers are designed for long-term (24/7) work. Accordingly, they require more electricity than normal computers. Since servers are compute-intensive computers, they get very hot. If many servers are to be used together, they must not be cooled by air conditioning systems.

There are two types of physical servers :

  • Tower: They are generally entry-level servers, similar to the personal computer cases we use in our homes. These types of servers consume low electricity and are more suitable for use in areas where cooling is not critical.

  • Rackmount (Horizontal): If many servers are needed and space is tight, this type of server is better in performance. This type of servers performs the cooling process by removing the air from the front with the help of the fans inside. This way the entire chassis is cooled evenly from front to back. In this way, it is more prone and more efficient in long-term work.

In corporate environments, servers and other network equipment are kept in special cabinets or glass rooms. In this way, only authorized persons can access our sensitive equipment.

Some examples of servers; 
  • Application server 
  • cloud server 
  • database server 
  • Dedicated server 
  • Domain name server(DNS) 
  • file server 
  • mail server 
  • print server 
  • proxy server 
  • standalone server 
  • webserver

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