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Best free video conversation applications

We all know that the use of technology in our smart phones and the use of video conversation features are increasingly being used. In this article, we have made a list of the best practices that we can use when making free video calls on our smartphones.

 Skype : 

The Skype program was perhaps one of the best practices that caused the Microsoft messenger to die. After it was purchased by Microsoft, it entered all platforms with further development. Especially when it comes to android, ios systems became the most preferred video speech program.

Download free : Skype

 Google Hangouts : 

The hangouts app that comes with google apps on Android phones is another application that is quite successful in video conversation. This application, which can be installed on Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems, can also be used easily on multiple platforms.

Download free : Google Hangouts

 ooVoo : 

This program, which is famous with the slogan bir Speak comfortably for all platforms ├╝cretsiz, is also one of the programs you can make free video calls for Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

Download free : ooVoo

 Facebook Messenger : 

Facebook messenger application developed by Facebook and writing and messaging were a must. Later, the arrival of video chat support has changed the balance of applications in this style and the application has increased in the list.

Download free : facebook Messenger

 Whatsapp : 

whatsapp started as a regular chat program. It was bought by Facebook that it has received so much attention. When the video conversation is added to its features, it has risen to the first row and it seems that it will not lose its throne for a long time.

Download free : Whatsapp

 Apple Face Time : 

Developed for video conversation by Apple many years ago. Maybe it is the best video conversation application in the second or third row even though it may be a competitor to some samsung video talk.

Download free : Face Time

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