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In the new age, we make access to websites not only with computers but also with mobile devices. Another way to increase the visit of our websites is mobile compatibility, which is done by mobile SEOs. As you know, websites made for desktop do not appear properly on mobile devices due to the size of the screen, which reduces the experience of the users and the time they stay on our site. If you have a mobile-friendly website, it will take you higher in the rankings because today's internet browsers (for example, Google) give results that are mobile (that is, support mobilization) for the search. 

Google is to support us a lot in mobile compatibility. There is no need for a different application for mobile SEO, but creating a mobile application will increase the quality for users and contribute to the site owner. We offer three methods for mobile compatibility;

  • Responsive Design: All the content and layout of our site is responsive to all users and all devices.
  • Dynamic Design: Since the content is dynamic, all our content is located in the same URL and the HTML and CSS displayed differ depending on the device visited.
  • Configuration: There are different versions for both mobile and desktop. It determines the device the user accesses and redirects to the URL optimized for that device.

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