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What is SEO Expert?


What is SEO?

Thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it ensures that our websites appear at the top of the search engines, thus increasing the number of visitors. 


The person who does this is called an SEO expert. Of course, an SEO specialist can work in teams as well as alone. The SEO expert works in the most appropriate way with the determined budget; First of all, it analyzes the site it will work on and decides which words will be keywords, moves these words to the top, determines the competition of keywords, arranges the unfriendly codes and errors on the interface of the site, examines the SEO studies of competitors, makes strategic moves, detects problems. It works in many branches at the same time, such as solving and solving, dealing with advertisements and social media shares, and at the same time takes care to keep its content original. Of course, it follows both the developments and the site 24/7. As you know, everyone who deals with a website should know that SEO experts use programs such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but the difference of SEO experts starts with using these programs with their experience.

SEO experts work in two ways. These;

  • On-Page; on-site optimization studies. It deals with the optimization processes within the entire site, including the home page of your site. Superficially, we can give examples of arranging your site's design, coding structure and the way visual elements are used.
  • Off-Page; off-site optimization studies. It directs you to your site from other search engines, blogs and sites, question-answer platforms, videos and comments by giving your site's link, these are Backlink optimization studies.

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