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What is Local SEO?

With the introduction of Google Maps in February 2005, we started to transfer our businesses to Maps and gradually many data such as our business's address, phone number, website, working hours, images and comments became accessible via internet browsers. In 2014, with the opening of the Google My Business service, it made the job of SEO experts a little bit easier for companies for local searches. Of course, page content plays a big role in local search listings, we can't ignore it.

Local SEOs optimize your website to attract more users from local searches. Of course, these searches are valid not only in Google but also in other web browsers (Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps… etc.). With local SEO services, Google helps us to promote all the basic information about your business (such as name, address, website, contact number, working hours, services, social media profiles, local directories, etc.) in the instant search results of users. Of course, the feature that brings us to the fore is the comments and likes from our customers. There may be businesses that are closer to the user, but if our score is higher, we are more preferred. Another big feature is mobile compatibility. It is important that your site is mobile-friendly or has a mobile application because; More than half of users make their searches from mobile devices. Google has a mobile compatibility test. Another factor is keywords. For example, if there is a restaurant in the X district, the searches will be made as "restaurant in the X district", so it will bring our site to the fore. Since mobile compatibility and keywords will increase our clicks, our website will appear as a preferred site by the internet browser and will increase in the ranking.

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