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Black Hat SEO will get your site to the top in a very short time and illegally, but this is not well received by Google. Google has penalties for such situations to protect its own reputation and your site may be permanently banned by Google. Now let's come to the question of what is Black Hat SEO; 

There are two types of Black Hat SEO techniques, On-site and Off-site;

On-site; Unnecessary and excessive links on the homepage, poor referenced site (link output), excessive use of tag clouds, meaningless code strings in coding can be given as examples.

Off-site; In its logic, it is the process of sending a link from different sites to our site with either keywords or different words. Generally, Google applies sandbox or filter penalty.

Let's list some of the major Black Hat SEO techniques :

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Invisible Text
  • Doorway Pages
  • Automatically Generated Content
  • Tiny Text
  • Buying Incoming Website Links
  • Hacklink
  • Using Similar Domain Names
  • Spamming on Social Media

Google penalizes in two ways. 

One of these is automatic punishment; When Google's algorithms scan your site and detect non-compliance, the penalty process takes place and it is almost impossible to return. Because after the correction, you have to wait for the algorithm to crawl your site again. 
Another way is manual punishment; In this penalty system, your site is reported and your site is reviewed by Google employees, and after the penalty is decided, a notification is sent to you with the help of Search Console. After making the necessary adjustments to your site, you need to inform Google for reconsideration and explain how you solved the problem.

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