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Best free Screen Recording Apps for windows

We need a screen recording program in such operations as shooting videos and recording training videos. We've made a list of screen recording applications for this type of process

IceCream Screen Recorder :

In a very simple to use program, you mark the location on your computer and select the recording area on the screen. Another way to set the resolution to be recorded and start recording. 
  • MKV, Mp4, WebM, video recording, 
  • Audio recording with video Saving with Webcam, 
  • Drawing and drawing on the screen, 
  • Hot-key pause, recording, stop, 
  • Save the screen as a picture, (PNG, JPG) 
  • Free 10 min recording,

Download free : IceCream Screen Recorder

EzVid Video Maker :

Ez is one of the simplest programs I use to record video screen videos, and the interface is very easy and simple, but I cannot get the efficiency I want. Ezvideo title, description and word tags can be added to the video. It also allows you to add small effects to videos. 
  • Adding videos directly to youtube, 
  • The automatic video recording feature slips videos while capturing videos in seconds. 
  • Supports 45 minutes video capture, 
  • Audio recording with video 
  • Webcam video recording

Download free : EzVid Video Maker

ScreenPresso :

While capturing desktop images, it is a program that will help you take HD videos. It is so easy to use that everyone can make their dreams come true as a youtuber.
  • It can also record camera and voice recordings separately. 
  • It can also record in the free version. 
  • Mp4, Wmv, WebM, OGG file support, 
  • Share feature on social media, 
  • Max Recording time 3 min. 
  • The brand logo cannot be removed in the free version.

Download free : ScreenPresso

BandiCam :

One of the silly programs in the first use is bandicam. Although it is quite sufficient as a function, it takes a long time to understand what is what. The fact is simple and convenient, but it's a little frustrating not being able to remove the logo. 
  • Avi and Mp4 format recording, 
  • Real-time video recording with audio, 
  • During the recording, the drawing is clearer, 
  • More clarity with mouse effects at the recording area, 
  • Max 10 minutes recording.

Download free : BandiCam

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