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Best free Android file managers

We need a file manager to see the memory of our Android phone or the contents of our microSD card and access our files. I researched the best and made a list for you.

ES File Explorer :

This is probably the best file management program I've ever said. Later, I was more confident when I saw that it was preferred by everyone. As for the features of the program is very nice and useful to show hidden files, such as garbage bin if you like features you will enjoy.

Download free : ES File Explorer

Total Commander :

Very very old windows users, which is known by the program is a total commander, ie the old name of the windows commander program is working with drag and drop logic. Shortcuts are simple to use menu, copy, paste, delete, such as features are included.

Download free : Total Commander

AndroXplorer File Manager :

When the files in the program to see what people say so much of the file, but the finest detail shows hidden files, program files, folders. MicroSD provides full access to the contents of the card, system folders, and program folders.

Download free : AndroXplorer File Manager

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