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Best Microsoft Outlook alternatives

We always use outlook in our offices and offices wherever we use e-mail accounts. But it's a job to memorize because you always know that a top version should pay the fee for the outlook managers in the department. In this article, people who do not want to use outlook, we can not have the upper version outlook instead of alternative e-mail management applications have made a list.

ThunderBird :

The Mozilla Thunderbird application, which is considered to be the largest free alternative of Microsoft Outlook in the world, is perfectly suited for standard email sending / receiving. The flexibility and speed of this application is very good and can be manually and automatically defined when adding a mail account. Automatic identification of your e-mail address and easy to implement the automatic server to bring the features of the ease of identification without any hassle provides.

Download free : ThunderBird

Nylas Mail :

Although it is very good in terms of image and aesthetics, it is possible to purchase a paid version for the use of Exchange and outlook accounts. Gmail, Office365, imap and icloud support come in free version.

Download free : Nylas Mail

MailBird :

This e-mail application, which has a stylish interface with more java and metro connections, also includes paid and free versions. In the free version of this application with IMAP and POP support, however, it allows you to use 3 mail accounts.

Download free : MailBird

eM Client :

An extra feature of other programs, although the support for the free version of Exchange support in the free version only 2 mail support is bad, but still not enough. When it comes to interface, this program is very easy to use and easy to use.

Download free : eM Client

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