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Best Cpu for gaming of the year

Every day, software and new games increase system requirements. In this article, we have made a list of the best and most powerful processors you can play in the highest quality. This list is based on the most powerful processors and the highest price ranking.

Intel Core i9-7980XE : 

The world's first or second fastest processor with processing power, processor cores and cache. Of course, because it is a new model, the price is also quite high. (price 1800 dollars)

Intel Core i9-7980XE specifications:

Cores: 18 | Threads: 36 | Base Clock: 2.6GHz | Turbo Clock: 4.4GHz | Overclocking: Yes, 4.1GHz typical | L3 Cache: 24.75MB | TDP: 165W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 44

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX : 

Now, when we call the amd processor, we first have a warming problem. I think they had this problem solved years ago. Come to our real processor. Although the electricity consumption is a bit much, the processing power and the processor cores indicate that it is quite fast. The L3 cache is 64 MB, which is very successful in terms of performance. As an important note, you can use this processor for gaming, but you have to turn off the half power to work well in games. And that sounds really bad. The price is almost the same as the Intel i9 7980Xe. Is it worth $ 1700? my personal idea is to be intel.

 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX specifications:

Cores: 32 | Threads: 64 | Base Clock: 3.0GHz | Turbo Clock: 4.2GHz | Overclocking: Yes, 4.0GHz at 500W | L3 Cache: 64MB | TDP: 250W | PCIe 3.0

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Intel Core i9-9900K : 

 Even though the Intel Core i9-9900K core count and process bits are lower than the final models, the game performance may be the best, as the speed per core increases with overclocking. The price is around $ 500 and compared to the $ 1400 processors. it is the most affordable and the highest performance processor.

Intel Core i9-9900K specifications:

Cores: 8 | Threads: 16 | Base Clock: 3.6GHz | Turbo Clock: 5.0GHz | Overclocking: Yes, 4.9-5.0GHz typical | L3 Cache: 16MB | TDP: 95W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16

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Intel Core i5-8400 : 

The Intel Core i5-8400 is the most successful processor in the i5 series. I have to say that there are small differences between price i7 and i9 as in price and performance. The price is almost half the price of the Intel Core i5-8400 is sufficient for both gaming and desktop operations. In addition, if you do not want to spend money on the graphics card, including the Intel UHD 630 onboard graphics card. Price is ONLY 200 dollars.

Intel Core i5-8400 specifications:

Cores: 6 | Threads: 6 | Base Clock: 3.8GHz | Turbo Clock: 4.0GHz | Overclocking: No | L3 Cache: 9MB | TDP: 65W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16

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