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What is RAM?


RAM (Random Access Memory) is the unit that temporarily stores data in our devices (devices such as computers, phones). It exists in order to transmit the data in our devices to us in the fastest way when we need it, but this unit cannot store the information in our device when the electricity is cut off (turned off), it works with electricity. It stores information in the cells it contains. The reason why we need this unit in our devices allows us to quickly access the data that we need at that moment but which will not be useful to us afterwards. As an example of this data, we can give the data in the "Undo" drop while typing, or we can give an example of the game waiting in the background during a call while playing a game on our phone. If there was no RAM, this temporary data would be stored on the hard disk, but this time we would have lost a lot of time or our games would have been very slow.

There are two types of RAM, DRAM (Dynamic RAM) and SRAM (Static RAM). DRAMA; It keeps the data in it with the capacitors in the cells. An electrical capacitor has either a charge or a charge shortage, the data in the capacitors is refreshed every millisecond with an electronic charge to compensate for the leaked energy. SRAM; It contains transistors instead of capacitors. Transistors act as switches, they do not need to be constantly renewed since one end serves as 1 and the other as 0. SRAM uses several transistors to store 1-bit data, while DRAM needs a single capacitor. Therefore, SRAM has larger chips and is much more expensive than DRAM.

Since we use RAMs for many things at once, just like the processor, they heat up, naturally some problems arise as a result of heating. In order to deal with this situation, the temperature of the RAM is kept at the optimum level by using RAM coolers. However, a cooler is not always necessary, for example, if you want to overclock (speed up your computer parts to the limit) or if you are doing a RAM-intensive job, you need a cooler. In such cases, it is better for you to prefer cooler RAMs.

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