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What is CPU?


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) was first released by Intel under the name 4004 between 1970-71. If we say the brains of our devices (used in our computers, televisions, air conditioners, phones, dishwashers and many more) for CPUs, it would be a good explanation because CPUs are transistors (a circuit system consisting of semiconductor elements, electricity is transmitted through this system) It controls the flow between the other units in the device and performs the arithmetic and logical commands given to it. A unit called ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) performs these mathematical and logical operations. In our devices, it is attached to the motherboards or CPU sockets with the help of hundreds of sockets under them, and the number and type of sockets of each motherboard is different.

CPUs use a binary system called machine language. This system consists of 0s and 1s and is a simple system because 1 means power on or on, 0 means no power or off. All kinds of data are transmitted and stored by coding with this system.

The speeds of processors are expressed in HZ (hertz), MHZ (megahertz) and GHZ (gigahertz) units. Electrical commands are determined by the clock beat, and 1 Hz means 1 beat per second. Today, with the developing technology, CPU speeds are expressed in GHZ. Since a unit that works so fast gets very hot, especially in computers, there is a fan on it. If it is not cooled, it loses its function.

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