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You want to write your own blog page, but do not want to deal with things like server setup, script installation. then this article is just for you. because as an experienced web site, script installation or server installation I had to do continuous security and system monitoring. at the end of the work as I mentioned in our article I created my own blog on blogger. now I'll give you a list of free blog services where you can create your own blog page without any effort; : 

 Anyone who deals with the Wordpress blog script is a web person. Actually, your server must be very good for wordpress to work well. Of course, this is not enough. The add-ons should also be set properly so that the performance is good. Let us come to the privilege of; Because the server is set up very well by wordpress, your blog page will run at a speedy rate. All you have to do is just the theme selection and the other settings that are specific to yourself. Now let's go to plus and cons;

+ Super fast server,
+ Super fast drop-down pages,
+ Super fast page indexing,
+ small customizable settings,
- paid for personal domain name (is using as a free account)
- You can't just load a theme that you like on the internet. Obligation to use on the site
- you cannot install the plug-in you want
- You cannot generate revenue from your site.
- You cannot remove ads on your site.
In short, should be a paid membership to open and use blogs. If you say you get wordpress, you can take advantage of the paid account because it will be more convenient to keep the server and cost than the server.

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With you can have a blog page that you can call perfect. But again we are facing the same problem. If you want to use your own domain name, you'll want to make money on your blog page and switch back to the paid account to use other features.
With the free account, you are becoming like the blogger of wix, not blogger on your blog.
+ The design of themes is very very nice and convenient
+ not only in the blog view, but also in a professional site.
+ The use and arrangement is very simple,
+ can be edited with html codes,
- use only the subdomain in the free account

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Weebly also provides you with a very useful and user friendly blog. The most interesting side is that you have quality themes as a wordpress. You can sell online on your blog page or on your site (in paid account).

- Weebly subdomain
+ free SSL
- 500 MB space
+ Search engine optimization,
- Weebly ads

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Tumblr is a platform where you can create personal or professional blogs that are mostly used by photographers. Although it has a slightly different structure than other free blog services, it is very useful. The biggest plus is that you can use your own domain name. You can't use ads at the moment. there may be efforts to make a profit in the future.

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It is a google service that I use on a recommendation. is a truly full blog service. An optional personal blog can be used as a web page. We can say that some institutions even use the blogger service as a web page. Because it's really successful. Really user friendly. Count the properties do not end. Most importantly, you can choose your own domain name, the ads you want, the method of earnings you want. Its blog is your own blog. Thanks Google.

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