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Best Laptop Battery Analyzer tools

As we usually use a window operating system, battery specifications are available only with battery features such as power off, sleep and standby. When our laptop battery starts to run out or when it gets broken, we get error messages as if the battery cannot be dictated.
However, the windows operating system does not show us the very detailed battery feature. Here in our article, we made a list of software tools, to analyze the health status of the battery

Smarter Battery : 

is perhaps one of the best laptop battery analysis tools. Real-time analysis is a program that gives the most accurate results.
 - indicates health status in all parts of the battery.
 - it makes full battery calibration and allows it to work with the actual performance.

Download free : Smarter Battery

BatteryCare : 

 It is a tool where you can make detailed analysis of the battery on your laptop. You can adjust the battery calibration at regular intervals as well as detailed features. Apart from these features, the processor has a warning of heat warning and has many audible warnings.

Download free : BatteryCare

BatteryCat : 

 is a very simple application that shows the status of the laptop battery in detail. Although it is easy to use, it is useful to say that it does not have features such as optimization.

Download free : 

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