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Best free Websites to Download Music

We know for a long time that downloading and publishing music in the Internet is forbidden by copyright. What are the sites where downloading music is legal? In this article, we will publish sites where you can download music legally;

 The internet Archive : 

In this site, music, concerts, live broadcasts, such as music archives, news archives, shows you will find many content such as shows. Although it is not possible to find music in all languages like Turkish, it is possible to find foreign famous songs.

Download free : The internet Archive

Amazon : 

The Amazon site is a number one of free and legal music downloads. Because it has an archive, you can download more than 50,000 songs for free. Once you've logged in to the Amazon website, you'll be able to download lots of music for episodes> Movies, Music & Games> Digital Music> Opportunities> Free.

Download free : Amazon

Musopen : 

If you like songs like Rock, Pop, techno, this site isn't for you, but if you're a fan of classical music, then this site is complete. There is a rich classical music archive and you can download and listen legally for free.

Download free : Musopen

BeSonic : 

If you like to listen to foreign music like me and if you also say pop, techno, rock, electro music, let's deal with this site. This site is legally useful.

Download free : BeSonic

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