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Best uTorrent alternatives

We know that the programs we use to download files from Torrent sites are utorrent and free. But I don't think that this program will have the same popularity after the news that it uses your computer for mining according to recent news. I am unaware of the users of the program downloaded on the computer mining process is a very interesting news as I interpret. In this article, we made a list of alternative Torrent download programs that we can use instead of uTorrent.


The Deluge Torrent program does all the torrent programs easily. It would lie to say that it is a few steps better with the supported protocols and the format of the encrypted connection. Because a soft opening in Deluge and like utorrent, the program works faster than 8-9 seconds. Apart from that, you can see what is quite useful and detailed in the interface.

Download forWindows | Mac | Linux | Unix


In the Transmission torrent application, the event is thought to be more relevant to doing the job a little easier. Although there is a lack of programmatic sense, the interface is quite simple and simple in terms of interface. This means a user-friendly interface. Blocking, speed settings, how many people to withdraw from the standard settings, as well as encrypted connection is supported.

Download forWindows | Mac | Linux | Unix


Tixati also features a stylish interface, which supports features that are quite common, such as ip filtering, encryption, and so on. In addition to being user-friendly, the interface also shows us the detailed information, which means that it is a good software-based, professional software.

Download forWindows | Linux 


This program written using Python language has all the features available, but there is an extra extra compared to others and I think this is an important extra. This extra search engine search for a torrent. The interface is user-friendly, but uncompressed and simple, and almost everything is in categories.

Download forWindows | Mac | Linux | Unix

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