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Best TeamViewer alternatives

 Teamviewer is a bit different from the structure in remote connection programs. Because it communicates between server and client, it is one of the best programs we will use to provide access to dynamic ip or ports in closed network systems. Of course there are problems related to licensing and usage in this program. For such reasons, it will be a solution to turn to the alternatives in the problems that occur during the free usage period or in the use of the higher versions.


It's just as easy to use as the Teamviewer, the AnyDesk program is exactly the same, but the quality of its servers and the lack of performance in some low-end connections is a bit bad, but it's still quite an alternative.

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JoinMe, which is one of the software developed for remote control, has a wide range of services such as recording and conferring jobs on the other side as more than Teamvier.

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LogMeIn Pro

In addition to audio conferencing and file transfer according to other software, there is no disconnection from TeamViewer.

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Web EX

Web EX gives you a clear message as you continue to work as a slogan no matter where you are. This is one of the moments when we say Cisco is already done. There's such a giant behind it.

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