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Best Forum Software 2021

 In this article, we have listed the best forum software to create an online internet forum site on the internet. We prepared this list by keeping qualities such as free / paid / high performance / mobile friendly. Forums are important and functional platforms for discussion and information exchange. Even after the birth of social networks, forums have become a gathering place for those who want to ask and answer questions on any subject on the internet.

  • XenForo : Let's start with the paid ones first. XenForo is known for its security aspect, which is one of the best forum CMS in the market and one of the most important aspects when choosing an online platform. Other than that, it loads fast to provide a better experience. XenForo is a great tool for companies to build their communities to keep in touch with the latest information about your company. XenForo also supports social media login to make it more convenient. The convenience offers for users is extremely good.
  • vBulletin : vBulletin is the best-paid forum software. It is a perfect solution especially for experienced users who want to create a professional forum with powerful software. It is very simple to install. In theory, less experienced users could start their projects with vBulletin. This program allows users to use numerous extensions and themes to individualize the forum. The high-security standards of the developer team give this software solution a plus. For vBulletin, the hosting, maintenance, or update is done by the provider. It is a high capacity solution for professional forums.
  • PhpBB : Open-source software for creating phpBB forums. Thanks to its wide range of functions, it is a good alternative to any paid software. The only problem to be solved; is mobile optimization. PhpBB's advantage is that it is free forum software. The user interface and technical support are good. It is a good choice for forums with large communities with many users. Like other programs, this software can be extended with different add-ons.
  • PlushForums - Responsive : PlushForums is the perfect solution for businesses, universities, or other groups that want a secure forum platform. The design has a professional and modern look with nice support for mobile devices. PlushForums is fast and comes with a wide range of features. Key features include real-time discussions, blogs, private group chats, content monetization, spam protection, SSL support, and more.
  • WoltLab Suite (WBB) : WBB software is the perfect solution for beginners. Also, various themes and plugins can be used. The safety factor derived from the clear configuration of its functions as well as the great possibilities of customization is simple, making the software a very capable solution. If updates are made regularly, high security is guaranteed as a standard. Also, it is also optimized for mobile devices. It is also very practical to integrate social networks that allow users to access external pages such as Facebook or Twitter. This software has a comfortable average price with very satisfactory value for money due to the variety of functions and the support available.
  • Invision Power Board (IP Board) : It is another best-paid forum system offered by Invision Power Board. Ideal for forums, large communities, and companies that take advantage of the many modules that can be integrated into their web pages. This software is easy to install. However, the forums are only available in English, although there are language packs available for download later. Visually, you can choose between different designs and the basic structure can be completed with add-ons. For example, you can set up a chat function or antispam regulation. The Invision Power Board is one of the most powerful forum software in our selection and therefore the highest in terms of price. It is a solution for very comprehensive and demanding communities and allows visualization optimization on mobile devices.
  • MyBB :  Another best free forum software and the ideal system for Starting from Zero is MyBB, formerly known as My Bulletin Board. This open-source software offers the advantage of having a wide variety of integrated functions. Basic functions; There is the possibility to expand with a large number of plugins and a very intuitive management interface. There is good support available when this occurs in trouble or for resolving security vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Vanilla Forums :  It is published under multilingual software designed to create forums in PHP. One of its main features is the ease of integration with almost any website with many content management systems, including WordPress.
  • BBPress It is the best forum system for WordPress. This plugin works using custom post types and advanced classifications along with the rest of the WordPress code. This system is the best option if we are used to working with the WP content management system.

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