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install Macos Mojave 10.14.6 on PC

Not to mention how fast a MacOS operating system is. In this article, we will give you tactics that will allow you to use a macOS (Hackintosh) operating system. In the end, you will probably have tried the macOS (Hackintosh) Operating System.

Image Properties : 

 - Supports UEFI and Legacy.
 - Installation Support for AMD Ryzen and FX Systems.
 - MBR support. Normally, macOS does not allow installation on a partition created on a Windows installed disk. And most of the shared images, in general, are prepared in this way. Thanks to the patch made in our image, you can install the partition created next to Windows and use the system as UEFI Dual Boot. Note: When installing next to Windows, you must format the partition as AppleHFS over Windows. You may get an error if you want to format this disc on the Setup Screen. The single HDD is formatted without problem.
 - Supports GPT setup. The image supports installation as GPT. So you can format a single disk and install UEFI & Legacy with it.
 - Intel / NVIDIA / ATI / kexts have been deleted in order to avoid problems with the graphics card during installation.
 - HFS + disk format installation support.
 - Installation Support for Systems without SSE 4.2 Support. Thanks to the script we added to the image, the Q8300, which does not support SSE 4.2, allows installation only for Core 2 Duo processors with SSE 4.1.

go to step 2  : 

Image download links : 

 - (Google )
 - (Yandex )

 If you get a Google Drive download limit, log in to your Google account and copy and download it to your own google drive.

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Installation File Contents : 

 - Config Files: Config.plist files for Intel Laptop and AMD Ryzen, FX and A series. Usage information is shared below.
 - SSDT Files SSDT files that may be useful after installation. The descriptions of these SSDTs are described in the "READ ME" folder in the folder.
 - Applications: After installation, many applications will be useful again. The usage details of all applications were shared in the folder contents.

go to step 4  : 

Installation Requirements : 

 -  At least 16 GB USB Flash Drive.                                                                                                                           
 -  Application required to write the image ( etcher, transmac, )

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Installation Requirements : 

 -  At least 16 GB USB Flash Drive.
 -  Application required to write the image ( etchertransmac, )                                                                                 

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 BIOS Settings (Intel);
 Before you start,
 - reset your BIOS settings to the default settings (Load Default Settings). 
 - SATA: Set to AHCI 
 - VT-D: Set to Disable 
 - EHCI Hand-off / xHCI Hand-off: Set to Enable. 
 - xHCI Mode: Smart Auto 
 - Secureboot: Set to Disable (Other OS) 
 - CFG-Lock = Disable 
 - Boot Option Priorities: Set to UEFI USB. Or UEFI and Legacy.

 BIOS Settings (AMD Ryzen) 
 Before you start,
 - reset your BIOS settings to the default settings (Load Default Settings).
 - OC Tweaker -> Load XMP Setting: XMP 2.0 Profile 1
 - Advanced \ CPU Configuration -> SWM Mode = Enabled
 - Advanced \ North Bridge Configuration -> IOMMU: Disabled
 - Advanced \ South Bridge Configuration -> Deep Sleep: Disabled
 - Advanced \ Storage Configuration -> Sata Mode: AHCI Mode
 - Advanced \ AMD CBS \ FCH Common Options \ USB Configuration Options -> XCHCI controller enable: Enabled
 - Advanced \ AMD CBS / NBIO Common Options \ NB Configuration -> IOMMU: Disabled
 - Security -> Secure Boot: Disabled
 - Boot -> Fast Boot: Disabled

Finito   : 

Important notes : 

 -  We are not responsible for any problems that occur during and after the installation of macOS Hackintosh.     
 -  MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (Hackintosh) installation is offered for trial purposes only.
 -  Your computer will not have the same performance as a Mac computer.
 -  It is highly recommended that you purchase a mac computer for legal use.                                                                    
Notes  : 


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