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Best Paypal alternatives 2019

I can't imagine not knowing a payment system like Paypal. Because this payment platform has 240 million members worldwide, payments are easy and safe. What if you are sending money to a non-supported country?
 - In this article, we will examine alternative payment systems for easy money transfers in countries where paypal service is not supported.

Google Pay : 

 One of the advantages of google is the payment system. You can access to this system which is used in its own applications by using Google commissions and transfer money with certain commissions. Even on the google platform, it would be more accurate to say that the program is both easy and free to sell products.

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WePay : 

 WePay is a fully integrated payment platform. It is quite nice to offer a variety of features such as online Pos payment, integrated payment ease for sites. Commission fees are 2.9% and $ 0.30 per transaction

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2CheckOut : 

 2CheckOut is a global payment platform. The system supports 15 languages, supports 87 currencies and has a large customer portfolio, making it one of the best. commission fees are still 2.9% and $ 0.3 per transaction

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Authorize.Net :, founded in 1996, started with small businesses and reached a large customer base. 7/24 customer support, compatible with all systems, such as apple pay, visa, paypal, payment systems can work integrated with it not a few steps forward. the commission is 2.9% and 0.30 per transaction.

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Skrill : 

 skrill is perhaps the easiest money transfer platform. Only email and password are required for money transfer. Out of it, the commission gets only 1.45% per transaction

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Payoneer : 

 Maybe the company with the highest number of customers after payone payone. Supported in 4 million members and 200 countries. It is a system where you can withdraw money from a bank account or even from ATM. 3% commission per transaction

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Amazon Pay : 

 You must have a registered Amazon account before you can use Amazon shares. Integration features are available for site payments. $ 2.9 and $ 0.30 commission per transaction.

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TransferWise : 

 It is a very successful system where you can make or receive payments very quickly. In addition, the world's cheapest money transfer is the payment platform. iOS and Android mobile apps are available.

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Wirecard : 

 Wirecard is another company that makes the best global money transfer. it has a large payment network supporting 200 currencies and 100 currencies worldwide.

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