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What is PHP?


Although PHP is now called PHP: Hypertext Preprocesser, it was named Personal Home Page when it first came out. It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. Rasmus developed PHP to manage his personal website. Rasmus, who publishes his CV on his own website, has developed PHP to record visitor traffic. Today, improvements are made by the PHP Community. Although PHP is a multi-purpose programming language, it is generally used to generate dynamic content on a site. It is open source and easy to learn, but professional programmers use it for its more advanced features.

Although PHP helps you to hide your source code on the website you are building, it is essentially secure in which part of the commands and codes do what. After writing your codes in a PHP file, you will hide your original codes by adding them to your HTML file. Thanks to this feature, when you need to use your same HTML codes and php codes in a second HTML, you will save time and space by adding the codes to your second HTML file in the same way.

When we want to set up a dynamic website, it can be done with JavaScript, but the functionality may change. JavaScript allows us automatic validation and simple interactions such as photo galleries. However, when we need to create user-generated content such as social networks and e-commerce (websites that change according to my user behavior), we need PHP. For example, when we log into a social network, PHP takes data from the database and shows our profile, friends and shares in the browser. Any changes we make in our profile are saved by PHP. To summarize, if PHP is used together with JavaScript, a very successful dynamic website will emerge.

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