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What is LINUX?


Linux was started in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish university student. Linux is an open source operating system. Today, it is used more by people who deal with software professionally because it can be programmed repeatedly by users. Thanks to this feature, it offers many advantages to the user. Since it is open source, you can benefit from it for free when any software developer anywhere in the world corrects and publishes this problem in case of any problem. It is a strong operating system against system lines, so it continues to run smoothly when you open many complex programs at the same time. Linux attracts users by not crashing easily. It works easily even on computers with hardware features from a few years ago. Linux is free or has a very small fee, this is because of the philosophy that makes it free, and therefore, special programs belonging to Linux are free.

As with every good flaw, this operating system has flaws. One of them is the difficulty it gives in its installation, it does not have an easy installation like Windows. Another problem is that most programs do not work with Linux, there are some similar programs in Windows that you use with pleasure, but this time it takes time to get used to it. A problem that would be considered the biggest problem is the hardware issue. Hardware manufacturers still do not attach enough importance to the Linux operating system, so hardware with Linux support is quite scarce, but this problem is getting better day by day. In fact, the biggest source of problems is that many software developer companies do not develop for linux. The reason for this is that the linux operating system is not desired for commercial reasons.

The Linux operating system is open source and developed by thousands of developers. In fact, this increases both reliability and performance, on the other hand.

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