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Bootstrap is a front-end framework that helps us a lot in website editing today, and it's free. Bootstrap is getting more and more popular day by day, of course, because of the advantages it offers us. It is easy to use and the developers do not need to write the same codes over and over, and with this feature, it saves a lot of time. Bootstrap, which is a very flexible framework, meets all the requirements for website development. Another great feature is that it makes web pages work ideally on all screen sizes. In other words, you can easily and comfortably adjust the image of your website on a desktop computer or a smartphone with bootstrap. Bootstrap has three main files, "bootstrap.css", "bootstrap.js",  "glyphicons" and "Php".

  • css; It is a css framework that organizes and manages the layout of your website. 
  • js; It is the core file of bootstrap. It contains JavaScript files. It uses jQuery (a popular open source and multiplatform JavaScript library) to ensure we don't have to repeatedly write JavaScript code and save time. jQuery helps us on our mobile responsive websites. 
  • Glyphicons; It helps us with the icons of our website. There is a "Glyphicon Halfling" set available for free in Bootstrap, it has a standard appearance and is sufficient for basic functions. But it sells premium sets for more stylish icons.
  • php; The most important part of Bootstrap is the structure that speeds up your work with php ready profiles and many necessary ready controls.

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