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How to install Win10 on Raspberry Pi4

We have been facing great surprises since the Raspberry pi 4 release date, 24 June 2019. After the first surprise, Raspberry Pi 4 came with 4 Gb ram, we started thinking about installing windows 10. WoR developer Mario Bălănică and his team, who made the installation of windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 4 a project, helped us realize our dream and we thank them very much.

Now let's get to the installation of Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 4;

Let's examine the requirements first

  • a computer with Windows 10 version 1703 or later. (Wine is not supported)
  • a Raspberry Pi 4. (boards with 4/8 GB of RAM)
  • a drive that has at least 16 GB of available space (it can be a SD card or an USB device)
  • a Windows 10 ARM image: WIM/ESD, ISO or FFU (Windows 10 build 19041.330)

Downloading and preparing the iso image:
  • We select the Windows version from and download it.
  • Before opening the file we downloaded from the UUP site, if necessary, close the anti-virus program and run the bat file.
  • When the download of the bat file is completed, you will receive a warning on the screen that the process is completed and the iso file has been created.
Running the worproject software:
  • Download the updated version software from the worproject site(tested version 2.0.1)
  • After running the Wor software, the Windows on Raspberry imager software, we wait for the next section to transfer the windows files to the SD card.
Raspberry pi 4 is one step away from windows 10:
  • When the process is completed, remove the sd card, insert it into your raspberry pi 4 mini computer and start the device.
  • If you wait for a while (it will not take long), you will come to the normal Windows installation stage after you see windows loading.
  • Yes, the installation phase is complete and your Raspberry Pi 4 device is running Windows 10.
And here is Windows 10

Reviews of running Windows 10 Now let's get on Raspberry pi 4
  • Almost all of the RAM memory is used,
  • Processor is under 100% continuous use (overheating and can cause serious damage.)
  • USB ports were not working in the previous version. In this version, usb's are working now.
  • The operating system seems to be working fine, but it hangs occasionally.
  • It does not work in a way to be released with confidence, but can be used with increased stability in new versions.

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