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Best paid video editors for youtubers

In our previous article, we made a list of the best free youtuber apps. (available here.) In this article, we prepared an article with the best paid video editing applications in order to be a good youtuber.

Adobe Premiere Rush : 

 I would like to say that Adobe Premiere Rush video editing application is suitable for every platform. You can download and use it for all platforms including Android, ios, macos and windows. The price of the application is $ 9.99 per month and if you buy it pro you will have to pay a monthly fee of $ 20. I guarantee that you will work very fast and result-oriented in terms of usage and you will easily achieve what you want in video processing.

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Final Cut Pro X : 

 Final Cut Pro X works especially on Macos devices and offers high performance. It has more comprehensive and advanced features than iMovie. Every year you can buy unlimited for only $ 299 and use it with all the features, not like Adobe Rus.

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DaVinci Resolve : 

DaVinci Resolve may seem a bit complicated in the first place, but it will really be useful when you learn to use it. The free version is enough for new youtubers. Of course, in the paid pro version, you can use different and advanced features to get more professional work.

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Hitfilm Express : 

Then let's end our article with hitfilm express. With hitfilm express, you can create more advanced videos. You can even shoot a lot of viewers with many effects. Free for beginners, Students and youtubers. If you want more effects and convenience you should pay per feature. Or simply buy the full-featured version for $ 299.

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