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Earn money with kickstarter

the way of making money on the internet is getting harder every day. You are a member of websites or you are either a profit partner or you receive revenue from ads from clicks. But things are a bit different on a website called kickstarter.

at first I'll tell you what kickstarter is ;

kickstarter is a worldwide famous fundraising system. You must have a project when collecting this fund. First of all for this project a beautiful topic, rich media content that should be taken care of. Now let's explain the order;

- You need to start a little bit, find a subject that draws a lot of attention, prepare visuals and start the project.
- in the next stage, all you have to do is wait for good donations and donors.
- You can receive your money successfully if you can collect donations in the amount you want
- let's say that your project has not been approved or your donations have been cut somewhere, try your luck with a new project without giving up.

Now let's come to the most important part of the footnotes;

- Never, never try to fool people and don't collect donations on a lie.
- When creating a project consider very well and make sure it is simple. Because people don't like complicated things.

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