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Run older software and games on Windows 10

Microsoft has a long history of backward compatibility in the Windows operating system, although not always good. Most of the software works in Windows 10, as is the case in Windows 8. However, while the support for the games are not too old, the compatibility with the old games is over time.

There are several reasons why your applications do not run in Windows 10;

- No longer hosting the libraries required by the software in new systems,
- 16-bit software (now includes 16-bit embedded compatibility layer on 64-bit systems)
- In all new versions, dos games no longer work, although some programs still work, they only offer many problems because they are designed for dos.

 Solutions that enable these software and games to run on Windows 10;

1- Run as administrator: 
Many users are already in the admin group because the applications in the Windows XP operating system work with administrator authority.
You can try the Run as administrator option to open these applications on the Windows 10 operating system.

2- Run in Compatibility mode: 
Right click on the application and you will see the compatibility mode in the features section. In this section, we open the tab that activates the compatibility mode and say what the old operating system will be in compliance with and make settings such as resolution.

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