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Best mining programs for Linux

Linux operating system installed computers are more efficient in the mining process, all the mining process, and also explained in the opening of the mining server. In this article, we will introduce the best and most used mining programs for linux;


You can set up CGMINER program in linux and mining such as cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum. Only you need to know CGMINER program More CPU is used for mining. While GPU support is also available, this program usually uses CPU minerals. Nowadays, this program is often used in the digging of other crypto coins because of lack of CPU mining in the Bitcoin mining process.
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MinerGate : 

The MinerGate app is a well-known crypto application. This program, written for use on a server known as minergate mining server, is available when run on linux. Regardless of what is always the best of Minergate, this software can only mining other servers, not just its own server. Another feature of forgetting is that it supports both CPU and GPU, ie both mining processes.
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BFGMINER is a software for solo mining like CFGMINER. However, CFGMINER is used in the BFGMINER program to use ASIC and FPGA cards on linux.
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MultiMiner : 

I can say that it supports ASIC devices as someone who tried MultiMiner on Windows. From the list of drivers, he finds your device and starts mining. What you should keep in mind is that when you use ASIC minerals, it may take a long time to reflect the cryptocurrency (LiTeCoin) to your account, probably because the counting process is long.
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