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Best linux distributions for gaming

In Linux operating systems it was very difficult to find games as much as find video card drivers. Many problems ranging from adaptation problems to performance problems have begun to be solved by years and linux systems have started to be very successful in terms of stability and performance.

We've made a list of linux distributions that are known for speeding, which are often more than a few steps ahead of the Windows operating system;

Steam OS :

SteamOS is a linux distribution for the number one best game that has been printed on gold for the last time. Most game makers say that the company has developed the linux version of the game and released them through steamOS. But this is the commercial part of the users like us, so in terms of the game lovers, you can download the steamos setup and easy to play games on linux linux game console or platform. Most of the time you can have a good time with free games or promotional games.
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SparkyLinux Gameover :

SparkyLinux is a linux distribution with debian infrastructure. It is not possible to give a clear answer to the question of Sparkylinux operating system. Because it can turn into a game console that you can use both as a normal operating system and as a console. The biggest feature of the old game consoles emoters to run a nostalgia to you. It is a free software collection that allows you to reach the peaks of gaming.
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This includes two operating systems, as well as Lakka OS emulator applications that you can use as a game for the purpose of converting your raspberry Pi into a small game console. Of course, you can also download free Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora, where you can download and play these applications one by one.

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