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Best Lightest linux distributions

I'm proud to publish an article that will come to you as a solution in your moments when your computer slows down and when you say you don't want to change it anymore.
Intel Pentium 4, Intel dual-core, Intel-Atom processors with no need for much hardware and 2-4 GB RAM memory, you can run fast-speed operating systems and we made a list for you;

Xubuntu : 

The Xubuntu operating system is an operating system that is derived from the Ubuntu infrastructure and is very fast and system requirements are very low. If you want to try Xubuntu minimum 256 MB ram and if you want to install and run minimum 512 MB Ram is required.

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Lubuntu : 

Lubuntu is known as Lightweight, fast, easy. In this operating system using the Xfce desktop environment, you need at least 1 GB of RAM, at least 512 MB of RAM for applications such as libreoffice if you are going to use the Internet services.

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Puppy Linux : 

Compared to other light distributions, the puppy linux iso size is up to 100 MB and up to 300 MB of disk size, including applications such as OpenOffice. This means that the programs are quite low and the computer is tired. All of this is a plus, but the hardware requirements are quite low, so the 256-512 MB ram and Pentium 4 processors require a very low hardware requirement for dual core processors.

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MacPup Linux : 

The Mac and Pup combination can be called an operating system. Puppy Linux compilation is a system that has very low hardware requirements. It works in accordance with package and binary programs from Ubuntu servers.

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Slitaz : 

Slitaz is a lightweight linux distribution that uses the Linux kernel and the GNU software environment. It is an operating system that does not only require older hardware, but also hardware with ARM processors such as Raspberry. The root file system is around 100 MB and has network features like SSH, ftp. Xvesa, Xorg is used in desktop environment.

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Legacy OS : 

In fact, Puppy Linux is a very light operating system in this operating system, which is a reflection of the operating system and is a project implemented. When you look at hardware support, Pentium 3 processors support you to get fast and positive performance results in many systems. The biggest feature of the system is that it supports older processors and hardware more.

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