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Best free video editors for Linux

We now know that Linux users are now available and there are a lot of linux users around the world. We have made a list of the most preferred video editors from the programs used in Linux desktop versions.

Openshot 2 :

It is a fact that we cannot finish the features of Openshot 2 linux video editor. But the biggest feature I guess is that it makes editing 4K videos. This application released in 2016 is a free and open source, a great advantage and also the simplicity of the interface makes it a very useful program. An application that will use Windows and then enjoy the Linux operating system.

Download : Openshot 2

Kdenlive :

Since 2002, this software developed for KDE desktop versions does not mean that it will have a payable interface like camtasia. It is a useful application that you can get a very professional workmanship in terms of features. Of course, the success of high BSD and Windows versions of this program has moved to a step.

Download : Kdenlive

PiTiVi :

There is no video editing and Youtube that doesn't hear the name PiTiVi. Camtasia is an open source application with Linux freedoms. Advanced in terms of interface and simple to use.

Download : PiTiVi

Cinelerra :

Although Cinelerra is an application developed in 2002, it is an adobe premier alternative with much more than video editor. However, it is a linux alternative that can be adobe after effects with effects and other features. Having 4K support also boosts the program to the preferred list.

Download : Cinelerra

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