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Best free file compression applications

The ease of gaining space by compressing files and programs that we don't use in our disks is a convenience that exists in our lives for years. We are compressing files in a corner of our computer in file compression, ie archiving and we open and use the archive when we use it again. Although this method causes us to know a few programs that have existed for many years, most of these programs either require a license or require us to pay their licenses and pay their fees after a while.
Over the years, most software developers have made publicly available or completely free versions of these software. We will review these software.

7Zip :

This program supports almost all file compression formats as well as a file archive program that I've preferred for years. The compression method is very successful and it is no different from other paid software.

Download free : 7Zip

PeaZip :

PeaZip is a completely free and open source program like 7zip. The interface and ease of use are also very user-friendly. There is little difference from the 7zip program, but I think it is a step forward. When it comes to this feature, it fixes an extra surplus in compression and most importantly the damaged compressed files.

Download free : PeaZip

ZipWare :

As with any software, the ZipWare compression program also has its own unique differences. If you want, you can easily install and use it, or if you want to use it. Ubuntu Linux Format, such as Deb and RPM features such as an extra advantage.

Download free : ZipWare

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