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Best chromebooks in the world

When we look at the Chromebooks, we look at our budget as an android computer with atom processor, 2 GB RAM memory and 32-64 GB memory. But these chromebooks began to appear as performance monsters. Let us examine the world's best chromebooks;

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA :

Asus has brought this issue to a different stage, which has made it a great device with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of memory and most importantly with its Intel core m3 processor structure. For those who want more, the Asus 8 GB Ram addresses 128 GB of paging and the Intel Core M7. They made the screen quality at 1080p fullHD and became the king of the hearts.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro :

The Samsung brand is still a classic with a very high screen quality and we are not surprised. Because it would not be expected to have a low resolution on the chromebook of a brand that had gained a reputation for amoled.
With the other hardware features 4GB Ram and 32GB internal memory may be standard. Even though the processor is still in the Intel core m3, the resolution of 2400x1600 on a 12.5-inch screen is a great success.

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Acer Chromebook 14 for Work :

To see why this chromebook, which looks like a normal laptop at first glance, is equipped with an intel core i5 processor, it is necessary to take a look at "For Work" again.
We don't have a word to say about the power of this Chromebook, which is designed for the workplace or the heavier business. Because Ram is also equipped with 8GB RAM, 32GB eMMC and fullHD display, but will this processor end the battery with more power consumption? comments belong to you :)

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