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Best Android screen recording apps

Most of us have used it in our daily life to record the work we do on the laptops, the lessons or games on any subject. If things go to a different size when they are in the android phase, we may need to save screen in this area. Here is an introduction to android screen recording programs in this article.

REC. :

As it is understood from the interface of this application, it has a very elegant appearance and easy use. Before you save the screen image you want to make settings related to bitrate ie quality and after 10 sec counting starts recording.
No matter how easy it is to use, there is a limitation of 5 minutes of recording time in the free version of the application. If you give 5 minutes as an image, it adds the last 30 seconds to the video.

Download : REC.

Screen Record (for KitKat) :

Very simple to record the screen in this application will allow you to record 120 seconds audio and video is available in the free version. In order to remove the limits, you need to buy the paid version.

Download : Screen Record (for KitKat)

Shou :

Although the features in this application are quite successful, the disadvantage of all others is that you should set all the video codecs yourself. If you look at the advantages of free and without time constraints, we can record videos of the length we want. A single condition is to log in to their page from google + community.

Download : Shou

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