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Best Android mail applications

One of the biggest problems of Android users is that they have difficulty in finding stable applications. In this article, we will introduce the best Android mail applications without any problems or problems.

Alto :

This application developed by AOL Organization is very useful. Folders such as contacts, files, photos are automatically adjusted. Of course, the biggest advantage of Alto application is the easiest way to organize your mails. You can make customizations like adding many email accounts and filtering by yourself.

Download : Alto

Blue Mail :

Even though it has a slightly outdated interface, support for Android Wear technology can still make it attractive for IMAP / POP3 configurations. You can easily manage multiple e-mail accounts to support the wearable technology also increases the availability rate.

Download : Blue Mail

Gmail :

I don't think I need to tell a lot about how successful the Gmail app is in checking your mail accounts. If you already have an android device, it is surely loaded in your gmail application. Supports multiple mail accounts.

Download : Gmail

Microsoft Outlook :

The Microsoft Outlook application also has the power to control mail as successfully as any other mail application. Multiple mail is one of the reliable applications where you can easily check multiple accounts. The extras that can be considered as extras can be office integration.

Download : Microsoft Outlook

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