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Usb startup disk creation applications

Whenever we need to install Windows or another operating system, we always use a bootable cd, but sometimes we're having trouble with computers that don't have a CD / DVD drive. This problem can be done using the USB boot feature without a CD as a solution to the DVD image we have made a list of programs that transfer the USB.


It is very simple to use rufus program with click-to-run logic, bad sector scanning, copying iso and ison the file system, as well as the creation of the boot disk is very useful for us to create a disk.

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Win 7 USB / CD Download Tool

The program designed for Windows 7 is very simple to use, we select and select the location of the iso file, and then click Next and start from cd or usb to start the process.

Download forWindows | Mac | Linux | Unix


Ultraiso 's program, which I could not give up for years, does not end up counting. If you want to create a start-up disk from USB is just one of the simplest things to do this program iso'lar virtual cd to install, to accumulate your files and make your own iso file has a lot of features.

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One of the nice aspects of this program, which I use for more Linux distributions, is multi-boot, so you can create a multi-start menu with Windows or Linux operating system.

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