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Things to consider before choosing a web hosting

Web hosting is the area where your web pages will be displayed after your domain name has been written. In short, web pages in the web site of the web hosting companies rented to you is your hard disk.

In other words, there are a lot of things to pay attention when renting a web space. The first thing we need to do on these issues is to rent web space according to our needs. It will also be the wrong choice to rent a restricted web hosting features for a website that will get you heavy traffic so you can get a lot of coins for a personal site and rent a costly web hosting. What you should consider to rent the right web hosting for your website;

- The opening speed of your site: The opening speed of your website will be positive for visitors to your pages. Slowly opening sites do not usually like anyone. Personal sites will still not show much speed compared to other sites, but e-commerce sites such as heavy traffic on the opening speed will lose a lot of material and spiritual.

- Band width : The simplest way to understand the monthly quota selection. If your monthly traffic is limited, you will end your quota after a certain period of time and your visitors to your page will be empty or quota filled. Likewise, according to the density of your site to determine the bandwidth will be very useful.

- Disk space selection: The images and videos that you upload to your website will fill the limits of your website in time. Therefore, choosing a disk space according to the content of your site may even help you to take advantage of a specific campaign.

- Technical support : The service provided should not be limited to the service you receive and the fast and good site does not mean that there will be no problems. In time, you should be a team that will provide you with technical support in the problems of the provider's servers and other problems.

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