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Fast charging tips for your Android device

In our Android phones and other devices, the charge problem is one of the problems that have been waiting for a long time. While some manufacturers are working on fast charging, other companies are increasing the capacity of the battery. But we can charge our phone faster with small tips on our phone while following the developments.

- Turning the airplane mode off will prevent your battery from being unnecessarily discharged when you close your phone line to calls and charge the phone.

- Switching off the phone will cause your battery to become fully charged, so your charger will be the most accurate way to charge the battery and prevent the battery from loading.

- Switching the phone to Charging mode will only charge your phone so it will prevent it from being a removable storage device when it is connected to the computer. To switch the phone to charging mode, turn on the extender options and from the USB settings to MTP to Charge.

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