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Crypto Money Terms

 We all hear that words such as crypto money, Bitcoin, Ethereum are now easily entered into our lives and many people in the world get good income from them. And sometimes we don't understand what those people are talking about. Because there are some special terms in the Bitcoin system as in every system. in this article we will examine the terms and meanings used in bitcoin and blockchain.

Crypto Money Terms

What is ico?
 - ico is the process of creating funds for a new coin and offering public offering.

What is Block Reward?
 - Awarded to miners per block.

What is Wallet? 
- The wallet that we know is the electronic wallet that we can store crypto coins in encrypted form.

What is Altcoin? 
- Altcoin is the name given to all crypto coins except Bitcoin and Bitcoin.

What is Rekt? 
- Crypto is called the people who buy and sell money.

What is mBTC?
- 0.001 is called BTC, ie one thousandth of a Bitcoin.

What is uBTC?
- 0.01 is called BTC ie one of a bit of a Bitcoin.

What is Mining?
- It is a kind of accounting process by decoding bitcoin or altcoin block ciphers using various hardware. Those who make this accounting process are also called Miner.

What is Satoshi Nakamoto? 
- The creator of Bitcoin, so it is the nickname of the first person to think.

What is Satoshi? 
- Bitcoin of any of the altcoins. 1 Eth = "0.0001 BTC"

What is Pump? 
- Represents sharp rise.

What is Dump? 
- Represents sharp decline.

What is Hodl?
- The price of a crypto-falling money will rise rapidly one day represents the belief.

What is Token? 
- means the shareholder of the ico investor.

What is Fomo? 
- Crypto money is called the high price.

What is Dyor? 
- Search for a crypto currency is called.

What is Moad?
- Excessive loss of any kind of crypto money.

What is Whale? 
- It is called the ones that reduce or increase the value of any crypto money with big money.

What is Ath? 
- Crypto represents the highest value of the currency, ie all the time.

What is Blockchain? 
- All crypto coins are linked to the center or block chain.

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