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Best dedicated server providers

There are structural differences between the Vps server and the Dedicated server. Vps servers have a structure that physically divides a server into virtual servers and uses system resources as partners. In other words, you will be able to use another virtual server that does some of the resources allocated to you. This will cause your server to slow down a bit. Dedicated server means that you have only dedicated server resources. So you pay for what you receive service for him. We've made a list of service providers that give you the best non-shared server service.

A Small Orange: :

Web hosting and Vps server services as we will understand because of the very good quality of services on the Dedicated Server in the high-quality services at a very good prices for a small orange company is among the preferred prices. The advantage is that SSDs and SSDs are particularly good in their servers.

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InMotion Hosting :

The best timetable is starting at $ 99. this service provider, which generally serves larger investment companies, is even higher with its SSD disk capacity and 8 GB ram tariff.

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RackSpace :

Rackspace company, which we have heard many times for many years, can appeal to very large customers. Starting with the lowest 32 GB ram, the company starts at $ 499. When it comes to the quality of its services, there is no need to even comment as a server leasing company, even to known server service providers.

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SingleHop :

The options of this company with flexible tariffs start at $ 129, but ram comes in 8-16 GB and Disk Capacity 1 TB. Even though the i5 is selected as 8-core, the difference is 10 TB per month.

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