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Best cdn service providers

CDN (Content Delivery Network) Content distribution network called the system in your web site, javascript, images and other files quickly and from another server is an overview of the process of opening. Briefly, your files are displayed on your site from a server to the beginning.
Many web sites in the world now use this structure, but many companies also provide this service. In this article, we will examine the companies that provide the best cdn services.

Max CDN :

MaxCDN is one of the best cdn services companies in the world. Although it is seen as a feature that the servers are fast running smoothly and include many java scripts automatically, they are in the top ranks with other features within its structure, including making many investments and providing uninterrupted service. The cheapest tariff starts from $ 9.

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KeyCDN :

Pay as you use KeyCDN service seems to be good, but still how much profitable, but only in a certain amount of use, so the minimum use of MaxCDN minimum use of this price can be compared by looking at the equal price. With live monitoring and reporting services, you can monitor both your usage amount and other transactions on your site.

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Amazon CloudFront :

It is almost impossible to make a bad statement about the servers and services of the Amazon. The amazon has a strong infrastructure and is also a cdn service provider. In addition to the standard features of other CDN services, you start using the standard amazon attractiveness service for 1 year for free in the starter plan.

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CloudFlare :

For the CloudFlare service, you don't just say CDN service and don't fall into a mistake because there's always more to it. From DNS routing to Firewall, I can call it a completely different world. In this company with 76 data centers, your website and content can stay online even if your server crashes. As someone who has used their free services, CDN or any other service is certainly not the style to be abandoned.

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Microsoft Azure CDN :

We are in a time where Microsoft is now time to collect the fruits of its work on this subject for years. Microsoft has established a strong server infrastructure for many years and this service is also very fast and one of the few service providers in the world. From WordPress support to security support, it offers a very fast and robust CDN service.

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